Our team consists of dedicated, experienced, and qualified staff who have extensive skills, knowledge and experience in working with children and young people with complex needs.

All members of the staff team are trained to at least the minimum requirements for work with residential children and young people.

As part of the team, we also have qualified social workers, qualified teachers and expert consultants in education, training and child psychology. We also have practice educators and mentors on site. Our team also consists of newly qualified social workers on the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) scheme which gives them extra support during their first year of employment


All relevant information reports and LAC documentation are required prior to, at the time of admission, or within 72 hours of placement.

Planned admissions.
When a referral is received, Adeza Care Home will consider the match between the placement and the referral. The decision as whether to progress will be based upon the stability of current placements and the opportunities to achieve the required outcomes for the referred child or young person.

If a decision is made to progress with a referral then the placing authority, the young person, and the parents (where applicable) will be invited to visit the home.

All relevant information, reports, and LAC documentation are required prior to, at the time of admission or the following day.

Please email referrals to referrals@adezacarehomes.org.uk.

Emergency admissions
Adeza Care Home recognizes and accommodates the need for young people who require an emergency placement.
Before an emergency placement can be accepted, the needs of all the young people within the home will be considered together with the needs of the referred young person.

When a young person is admitted for an emergency placement they are to be escorted to the home by either a social worker or representative from the referring agency.

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