Adeza Care Home provides a number of services to support the positive development of children and young people:
  • Residential care
    A conducive environment which is homely and a safe place that is nurturing.
    We have a supportive key working system designed to develop children and young people’s strengths and provide assessments and monthly progress reports. We support and encourage children and young people in terms of their education, either in mainstream or other forms of education. Educational visits to museums, art galleries and other places of interest locally and nationally are arranged. We organise day trips and residential holidays for the children and young people to facilitate their leisure activities, develop their social skills and raise their self-esteem and self-confidence. Some of the activities include: cinema and theatre trips, paint balling, bowling, go-karting, theme parks, and trips abroad to the list of activities and trips to famous sights. We offer one to one support and two to one support at the request of the placing authority.
  • Respite
    Young people who need time out from their current placement, from home or who are in the process of moving to foster care or another placement.
  • Semi-independence
    Provide semi-independent training and support for young people to move onto independence using our in-house programme.
  • Supervised Contact
    We facilitate supervised contact for children and young people at the request of local authorities.
  • Collaborative Work
    We work in partnership with social services, local education providers, health services and other service providers in the public, private and voluntary sectors to provide support for the children and young people.
  • Outreach
    We offer outreach work in the community such as home visits, visits to detention centres, activities, etc.
  • Assessments
    We offer different types of assessments such as initial, individual risk, locality risk and end of placement assessment.
  • Education and Training
    We are a registered training facility that offers further education, practice education and mentoring
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