Importance of Speech Therapy for Seniors

Importance of Speech Therapy for Seniors

Speech therapy is not only for children with lisps, stuttering problems, or communication disorders, but it is also beneficial for seniors whose ability to speak is affected by illness or age. It is necessary for seniors who are recovering from the debilitating impacts of a stroke, dementia, or head injury. Speech disorders not only impede the elderly to socialize, but they also impose danger when emergencies arise as they may not able to express their pain, discomfort, or other concerns. Home health care in Columbus, Ohio provides comprehensive services including speech therapy to guide seniors toward complete recovery and improved quality of life. See a list of its benefits below:

  • Strengthens vocal cords

    While speech therapy may not retrieve the elasticity of the vocal cords, it can strengthen them and improve the quality of communication.

  • Improves the ability to swallow

    Age-weakened muscles may diminish the ability to swallow, increasing the likelihood of choking on food. The strengthening effect of speech therapy on vocal cords and larynx and jaw muscles can improve the swallowing reflex and increase comfort and safety during meals.

  • Treats stroke-related disorders

    The two common consequential disorders of stroke are aphasia and apraxia. Aphasia is the difficulty in finding the right words to express thoughts, such as saying “table” when the patient means “chair” while apraxia is the inability of a patient to move their lips properly to form words.

  • Addresses memory loss

    Those with memory loss and dementia will benefit from speech therapy through senior care in Dayton, Ohio as it preserves their brain functions associated with the communication.

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