Holistic Companionship Care for Seniors

Holistic Companionship Care for Seniors

The latest National Poll on Healthy Aging finds that about a third of seniors are lonely. One in three seniors feel lonely and socially isolated and this has become a growing public health concern for people in the United States. As the baby boomer generation is reaching the age beyond 65, many of these aging individuals start feeling alone in the crowd. Senior care in Dayton, Ohio, understands how this can impact serious consequences to the health of seniors.

One of the major risks for loneliness and isolation is the loss of a spouse. Aside from grief, the loss of a partner may also mean the loss of interaction as a couple. Despite the elderly individuals wanting to socially interact, a lot of barriers hinder them to connect with their peers and communities. These can include physical, cultural, or geographical barriers, as well as transportation challenges. If these are your loved ones’ concerns, a home health care in Columbus, Ohio, can provide them with adequate support so they can receive benefits and services that will improve their economic security and ability to live a high-quality, independent life.

Leaving loneliness and social isolation unaddressed can lead to several health consequences. If you are a child of elderly parents, make sure that they continue receiving companionship and support even when you are not there. Hire a home health aide from Professional Home Health Care 2 and be at ease that your loved ones are holistically being cared for 24 hours a day.

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